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  • Direct Patient Care
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  • Comprehensive Health
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329 W 118th Street, Chicago,
IL 60616-1509
Phone: 872-529-2362
Office Hours : 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Email: sales@housephysiciansllc.com
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House Physicians is group of Physicians that provides state-of-the art medical services directly to patients in their homes.  For many clients across City Of Chicago and surrounding suburbs visiting the clinic or going to the hospital for a check-up has become too stressful to pursue.  Instead, services from House Physicians bridge the gap for patients at home by offering visiting physician services.

In the country today, one of the greatest challenges is finding quality, cost-effective health care services that are conveniently and directly available for the elderly or disabled.  Because such patients are usually bound to their homes, securing care services can be difficult especially in areas such as physician care, health assessment, rehabilitative treatment and other similar fields.

This is where House Physicians can become your ally.  Our services are a preferred alternative to clinic services, emergency rooms, hospital confinement, nursing home admission and primary care facilities.

We can assure you and your family that our visiting physicians have your best interest at heart and in mind.  The training that our physicians undergo involves a wide range of cases that take place in residential settings.  They are not unfamiliar with the environment that is familiar to you – your home.

House Physicians is open to provide medical care between ther houors of 9 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday.  Please set a schedule for our next visit to your home.  You may set an appointment online.

We consistently look for innovative ways to evaluate, diagnose and treat our patients who are at home.  The physician services that you and your family need can be brought straight to where you live - no need to travel, no need to be admitted into a hospital to receive care.

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